Flashlight, Head Lamp and Lantern

It gets dark at night when camping, so don’t forget to bring some light.

A flashlight or head lamp to light the area right in front of you.  A headlamp is better than a flashlight because it leaves both of your hands free to do things like wash dishes or cut up firewood.

Top Picks

VITCHELO V800 LED Headlamp

Yalumi LED Headlamp Spark

Northbound Train Ultra-Bright LED Headlamp


A lantern is useful to light a larger area such as your campground or tent.  It shines light in all directions so it can provide light for a number of people.  The two main types of lanterns are propane powered and battery powered.  With advances in LED technology in recent years, battery powered lanterns are as bright as propane lantern, but are much easier to turn on and do not pose a fire risk.

Top Picks

Divine LEDs Ultra Bright LED Lantern


Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern


Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Sportsman 240 Lumen 3D LED Lantern